There’s something about Summer in Australia that gets your heart pumping and your blood moving.  Life flows so freely and all the thoughts that have been clogging my mind, suddenly becomes clear after a week in the Australian sun.  Maybe it’s the salty air, the limited wifi or the intense hit of Vitamin D, although there is no way to describe a trip to Australia, other than ‘food for the soul’.

I shot these images for Mo & Co on Sydney’s Palm Beach.  I fell in love on this beach.  My husband proposed to me at dawn on this beach.  I got married overlooking this beach.  My baby took his first glimpse of the ocean here.  I’ve swum miles and miles up and down this beach before daybreak.  I’ve made some pretty big life choices here.  It is here that my heart is, no matter where in the word I may be.


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candice Lake_beach_kelly geddes

Photographer: Kelly Geddes