Swarovski Cover Shoot, East meets West in Istanbul

I recently went to Istanbul with Swarovski (on my very first trip to Turkey!) to photograph the cover story for their magazine.  I have been working with Swarovski for some time now collaborating on the Swarovski Crystal Blog, so we decided it would be a great idea to get all the contributors from around the world together in one place and do a cover story.

Istanbul is an incredible place to shoot, with a rich cultural history and beautiful vibrant streets.  It is pretty breathtaking and if you haven’t been, I can’t recommend it more highly. What I will say is it’s the busiest location I have ever shot in and at one point when I was shooting Erika Boldrin on the Galata Bridge, there were about 200 people crowded around me, all trying to take photos of her as she strut down the street – the only people unfazed by the whole process were the fisherman that you can see in the photo and Erika!

As I am also a contributor, Swarovski asked if I could be on the cover and in the shoot – which logistically was a little tricky being the photographer.  For the cover, I ended up running in and out of the shot to look at the computer whilst we shot – begging the girls not to move at all.  For my single shot, after I shot Erika (remember the 200 people!!) I changed from my jeans and shirt in the location van into THAT incredible Surkan Cura Couture feather dress and ran up and down the Galata Bridge.  We had to get the shot in about 5mins and then we all piled back into the vans (feathers and all) onwards to the next location.  That’s what it’s like wearing lots of different hats and I wouldn’t change a thing!

Hope you like the shoot and thank you again to all the amazing girls who were an absolute pleasure to work with.

Candice xx


Photographer: Candice Lake

Editor: Katharina Kowalewski of Ko Fashion

Stylist: Stefanie Miano

Hair: Göksel Çolak & Pinar Yürüyen of K.U.M agency

Make up: Sam Aranji & Ece Karagulle of K.U.M. agency

Assistants: Utku Atalay, Kaya Barlas and Onur Demirdag

Models: Kate Butko, Katharina Kowalewski, Priscila Betancort, Zahra Lyla, Nil Erturk, Laura Comolli, Adeline Mai and Erika Boldrin