I have always been a HUGE fan of  leather. My trusty Helmut Lang leather trousers (of which I have 3 pairs on rotation) are now somewhat of a second skin.  I invested  in my first pair of jeans the other day… although I can’t see to stay away from leather too long.

My favourite thing about these trousers is that you can wear them all year round.

(disclaimer “all year round – in most climates”- my dad did gasp in horror one year when I exited the plane, on arrival to a hot 105F Australian Summer’s day, in my leather trousers and had to peel them off of myself- literally.)

I love how recently girls are embracing leather in a more casual way.  From Rumi Neely’s cool complete leather ensemble, Jane Keltner de Valle’s luxe full skirt, to Model Montana Cox’s ity bity Scanlon and Theodore shorts… everywhere I look, I am seeing leather all year round.

This Fashion Week, with SO many amazing  pieces to choose from,  who can say no to the leather?


Rumi Neely



Ruth Runberg, London


Ilona Hamer, Sydney


Anna Dello Russo


Montana Cox, Paris


Jane Keltner de Valle, Paris