Rebelle Campaign Germany 16-Rebelle11479_Shot08Rebelle Campaign Germany 16-Rebelle10494_Shot01Rebelle Campaign Germany 16-Rebelle10564_Shot01Rebelle Campaign Germany 16-Rebelle10643_Shot01Rebelle Campaign Germany 16-Rebelle10832_Shot03 Rebelle Campaign Germany 16-Rebelle10790_Shot03Rebelle Campaign Germany 16-Rebelle11060_Shot06Rebelle Campaign Germany 16-Rebelle10745_Shot02 Rebelle Campaign Germany 16-Rebelle10681_Shot02Rebelle Campaign Germany 16-Rebelle11733_Shot10Rebelle Campaign Germany 16-Rebelle11289_Shot07Rebelle Campaign Germany 16-Rebelle11407_Shot07Rebelle Campaign Germany 16-Rebelle11023_Shot05 Rebelle Campaign Germany 16-Rebelle10966_Shot05

Last week I flew to Germany (for the very first time ever!) to shoot a campaign for the pre-owned luxury retail site, Rebelle.  Even though it was one of those ‘in and out’ kind of affairs – my car picked me up in London at 4:30am on Wednesday and I arrived back home in London at midnight on Thursday – I was completely taken by how beautiful, grand and oh so GREEN Hamburg is.  I think we may have been super lucky with the weather, although in my mind, there are families on bikes cycling around Hamburg, eating ice cream whilst the sun shines – all year round!!

I photographed 4 beautiful girls from all across Europe  in a curated selection from Rebelle‘s site.  I am obsessed with the idea of buying and selling pre owned luxury pieces.  Not only is it environmentally friendly, it is also really incredible for finding pieces that you kicked yourself for not buying at the time; or for aquiring a piece, like a little Hermes Kelly bag, with its very own story.  I love the idea that something has been on a journey with one person and instead of being discarded, it gets a whole new story with you!

Thank you so much to the amazing team at Rebelle for hosting such an incredible event.  I loved being taken through Rebelle’s headquarters by the CEO’s Cécile Gaulke and Max Schönemann to see the inner workings of such a huge process. Big love to Marie Chardin, head of creative who organised the whole trip and to my assistant Roman, who had to tackle the task of shooting me whilst I was 9 months pregnant!  A huge thanks to the amazing girls who were so professional and completely up for anything – I loved working with you!

Marie von Behrens

Janni Delér

Nima Benati

Noor de Groot

Rebelle Campaign Germany 16-Rebelle11596_Shot08-Recovered