Celestine Cooney, is cool,  really cool.  She is the Fashion Director of Twin magazine and she pretty much sums up everything I LOVE about London girls, just like Hannah Lambert.

She perfectly mixes a tough masculine edge with pretty feminine elements.  Look at the mix of the Balenciaga leathers put with a pretty Stella summer dress and a smile – So perfectly cool.


5 Responses to “CELESTINE COONEY | London Girls”

  1. Rosemary says:

    Love this pic of Cello – but she’s a Dublin girl at heart, y’know, not a London girl… you should come to Irishtown some time and check out how we do it on the emerald isle!

  2. Candice Lake says:

    Thanks Rosemary, I hope I haven’t offended her! It was about girls that I shot in London who live in London. Used to go to Dublin a lot… maybe it’s time for another trip! x

  3. Candice, I love the people you choose to feature on here. All people with such incredible senses of personal style. Absolutely the kind of people you can’t help but wish you knew and could be friends with! xx

  4. mame says:

    What a gorgeous couple and location and images! How awesome you captured these for them!