Karlie Kloss, Paris fashion week and with Arizona Muse at New York fashion week, SS 12.





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Back in May of this year, I was invited by IMG to attend Rosemount Australian Fashion Week and was also honored to be a special guest of the Vogue Australia team.  Just when I thought it could get any better, Vogue and Tiffany & Co asked me to shoot 8 of my favourite models throughout the week, in their favourite Tiffany & Co pieces, for the October issue.

To make this all the more amazing,  I walked into my hotel room after the last shoot day, to find on my bed a lovely little blue bag with an even lovelier  little blue box inside … I got my very own Tiffany & Co necklace as a thank you present!  Best. Job. Ever.

Here is the final product!

And here is one that didn’t make the cut of Julia Nobis… I love it so I have included it anyway!

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Emily Weiss, Editor of the “beauty bible blog”  Into The Gloss, Paris SS 12

Sometimes it’s as simple as black and white.

Wearing, Alexander Wang top | Theysken theory shoes | Proenza Schouler bag




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When I was still a model, I worked with Catherine McNeil on a Harper’s Bazaar shoot.  It  was one of my last jobs and subsequently one of her first.  We were both dressed (or rather I was seemingly rather under dressed!)  like the Virgin Mary and had to hold naked babies (who subsequently peed on both of us over the course of the 3 day shoot), swim underwater in couture and sit around waiting whilst the amazing sets were put together.

As we sat and waited, I asked her if she like modelling and she replied “Well if this doesn’t work out, I’m going to become a mechanic.”  I always remembered that comment when I saw her on basically every cover around the world over the next few years.

So when I bumped into her this Fashion Week outside the Westin in Paris looking amazing, some 5 years later, I asked her did she remember our shoot… she said “of course,  the one where the babies pissed all over us… how could I forget.”


Here are some of the images of Catherine McNeil and I from the Harper’s Bazaar shoot.

Shot by Georges Antoni.




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SO… I am officially fired from being a blogger.  I can’t be a blogger that doesn’t post!  I am always getting scolded by my friends who say I am crap at communication… so it is rather ironic that I am a blogger, where by the very act requires constant communication.

Fashion month has finally come to an end and I am finally starting to feel human again.  So so so much happened during the month, I have lots of shoots to show you and photos etc… but to start, one of my favourite girls this whole month:

Hannah Lambert, who is Sarah Mower’s assistant.  She REALLY didn’t want to be photographed all during London fashion week.  After the Meedham Kirchoff show when we were all elated after having seen one of the best shows of the month, I darted across the road and proclaimed my love for her style/ hair/ braces/ everything… and she said no… no… oh ok… but I hate having my picture taken….I hate my braces… oh no…. really I can’t… and I said… are you kidding I LOVE your braces… please… please… and she said… oh ok… but don’t show my braces…. and I said… but they make you look even cooler… and that’s when she started laughing.

Hannah Lambert

Promise to be back tomorrow!

xxx C


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