So NY Fashion week has come to a close and we are all onwards to London town – seems there is no rest for the wicked or the fashion pack.


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Our guest blogger Candice checks in after Day 4 at New York Fashion Week with the highlights in street style, celeb spotting and her trend predictions for the new season!


What I love about fashion week, (besides the obvious!!) is that by the end of the week you start to see some strong trends emerging on the street.   It is also great to see what pieces

the designers are trying to push for the season by looking at what the models are wearing.  As the week goes on the girls gradually start to dress A LOT better and this is because most of the designers give them clothes after the shows sometimes as gifts and other times as partial payment – therefore by the end of the fashion month, I am ready to rip their gorgeous bags from their hands as I turn green with envy.



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Hanne Gaby Odiele outside Christopher Kane show in London, September 2011.


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I first met Shanay on Bondi Beach in Australia.

Actually that is a lie, I walked into the restaurant she was sitting at with all her friends and begged her to come with me to the sea side so I could take her portrait. She looked like an ethereal  hippie misplaced in a hipster restaurant.  She finally obliged after her friends confirmed  I wasn’t a crazy and we have been friends ever since.  I saw here last week in NY outside of Ralph Lauren…  looking beautiful as usual.

Shanay Hall, New York, September 2011


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Taylor Tomasi Hill


Joanna Hillman


Anna Dello Russo, in Mary Katranzou

Emily Weiss of Vogue US and "into the gloss"

Giovanna Battaglia

Derek Blasberg and Katie Grand


Carine Roitfeld


Emmanuelle Alt



Kate Steinmiller of Teen Vogue

Katie Shillingford from Dazed and Confused



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New York Fashion Week- Day 1.

When I was a young teenager living out in the country in Australia, every month a glossy Sportsgirl catalogue would arrive in the letterbox and I’d sit on my bed pouring over the pages, dreaming about how I could be the girls in the catalogues.  I especially remember the model Erica Baxter (who is now Mrs James Packer) and the image of her jumping on the beach looking so effortlessly cool and sporty, which has stuck with me all this time.

One year for christmas I received a signature striped Sportsgirl towel, and although we lived no where near a beach, I would lay it out in the garden, throw on a pair of sunglasses and dream I was lying on Bondi beach or somewhere in the French Riviera.

So when I received an email recently from the team at Sportsgirl asking me if I would cover my journey through NY fashion week for them, I remembered the girl who would pour over those pages dreaming she could dive in…  and it made me really smile… I of course jumped at the chance!

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My new favourite topshop cropped Jamie jeans, lanvin flats and my Celine bag, top and my new obsession – these Celine glasses!


I love how sometimes it is all about the classics.

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